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Phytaroma range - mother tinctures

The mother tincture uses the whole plant or part of the plant (berry, leaf, root, etc.) which is macerated for 3 weeks in a hydroalcoholic solution (water + ethanol).
This process preserves the active ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Due to its draining action, the main function of the mother tincture is to allow better elimination of toxins while strengthening the body.

The plants and shrubs from which our mother tinctures are extracted come from Zeelandic Flanders, in the southwest of the Netherlands.

  • High concentration of active ingredients
  • German Pharmacopoeia
Mother tinctures
rayon teintures mères
rayon compléments naturels

Phytaroma range - Active products

For our natural supplements, we select the ingredients that have the highest assimilation and the strongest bioavailability to strengthen the most fragile organisms in terms of immunity and those most prone to any form of allergy.

  • Amino acids (Acethyl-l-carnitin, phenylalanine, methionine, etc.)
  • Plant extracts (Shiitake, horsetail, etc.)
  • Mineral salts (Calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.)
Active products

Phytaroma range - Oil capsules

Essential fatty acids are fats that the body cannot make itself. They must therefore be provided through a specific diet or through food supplements.
There are 2 families of essential fatty acids, linoleic acid (omega 6) and alpha linolenic acid (omega 3) :
(oméga 6) et alpha linolénique (oméga 3)

  • Omega 6 fatty acids are mainly found in borage and evening primrose oil but also in certain cooking oils (olive and sunflower)
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are mainly found in fatty fish from cold seas (sardines, mackerel, cod liver, tuna) but also in certain vegetable oils (rapeseed, walnuts, flax).
Oil capsules
rayon alimentation
rayon alimentation

Food products

We favor food ingredients based on oriental medicine and more specifically macrobiotic cuisine.
We only offer dry food.

You will find with us:

  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • A wide range of cereal drinks
  • Plant infusions
  • Japanese specialties (kuzu, miso, soy sauces, umeboshi, seaweed, etc.)

We mainly work with Vajra/Origami, a Belgian food wholesaler, which offers quality products in line with our philosophy.

Concerned about the environment, we are committed as far as possible to limiting plastic and unnecessary packaging in order to adopt an ecological and responsible approach.

Food products


Harmonize your interior!

Concerned about offering quality products, we select local artisans to offer you handmade creations with passion and know-how.

We work with INA candles.

Cocoon products
rayon cocoon
rayon cosmétique

Cosmetics products

In our approach to selecting local and artisanal producers and suppliers as much as possible, beauty products and treatments are no exception.

Working with cosmetics made from natural and/or organic ingredients, without paraben, without aluminum and without synthetic perfumes, we have chosen to collaborate mainly with L’Arbre à Soap, Bioflore and Millefeuille – Herboriste Paysanne.

Like the earth, our skin is fragile, let's take care of it, preserve it and nourish it consciously.

You will find with us:

  • Solid soaps
  • Body and face care
  • Vegetal oils
Cosmetics products

Essentials oils

Concerned about offering quality and environmentally friendly products, we have chosen to collaborate with Bioflore, a Belgian supplier located in Wavre.

With them, we find the widest range of chemotyped essential oils (each botanical species is specified), pure, natural and from organic farming.

Thanks to their small producer-distillers, Bioflore is committed to a sustainable and ethical sector that scrupulously respects plants and gives essential oils exceptional quality.

Essential oils
rayon huiles essentielles
rayon livres et dvd

Books and DVD's

Discover our vision of health through our magazines and DVDs.

Chêne et Sagesse is a magazine imagined and edited by José Escarmelle in the years 1990-1980.

He addresses different themes in relation to food following Eastern wisdom and our traditions.

The DVD boxes feature the latest lectures by José Escarmelle, which are an updated summary of Chêne et Sagesse.

Books and DVD's

Our brands

Arbre à Savons

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