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Unfiltered and unpasteurized whole apple cider vinegar.

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Type : BIO

Category : FOOD

Brand : Origami


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Product details

Made from apples and not grapes, cider vinegar has a clear tone and a smooth flavor that is particularly suitable for salads. Acetic acid level = 0.5 - (5gr per 100ml)hu Filtered, unpasteurized.


Apple cider vinegar is a true ally for our health!


Do you know its benefits?
- it strengthens the immune system
- it regulates blood sugar by slowing the breakdown of starch into glucose
- it improves digestion thanks to its high acetic acid content
- it purifies and regulates oily scalps and tightens the scales of our hair for more shine and softness


TIPS & TRICKS: how to avoid glucose spikes after a meal? Just one tablespoon of cider vinegar diluted in water before a meal can reduce its glycemic impact by 20 to 30%. Magical, right?


Origami cider vinegar is organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized - as it should be! Don't be surprised to find the mother of vinegar there, proof of a living product for maximum benefits.


Ingredients :

Whole apple cider vinegar

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