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Ritual Oil is a treatment oil but also a cleansing treatment. The skin is supple, fresh, luminous and very soft.

Reference : 0000000003766

Category : COSMETICS

Brand : Les Millefeuilles


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Product details

A treatment composed of wonderful plants selected for their enhancing properties on the skin: shell marjoram, hawthorn, rose and wild poppy. A few drops of geranium essential oil also enhance this beautiful synergy for a delicate and soothing scent.


Ingredients :

Helianthus annuus seed oil, papaver rhoeas flower extract, origanum majorana leaf extract, rosa damascena flower extract, crataegus monogyna extract, pelargolium graveolens flower oil, tocopherol, limonene, linalool. In complete transparency: sunflower oil*, marjoram**, poppy**, rose**, hawthorn** geranium essential oil*, natural vitamin E*.


*From organic farming.


** Wild plants/from our gardens harvested with love and conscience.


Directions for use:

A versatile treatment available in several ways:


* As a cleansing treatment routine: Spray your face with a hydrosol or a little water, place the equivalent of 2-3 drops or more and gently massage your face to form an emulsion. Rub with a slightly damp cotton pad for gently cleansed skin. Not suitable for eyes.


The three lotions available in the e-shop go perfectly with this product.


* To benefit from its benefits as a treatment, you can also leave it on without rinsing like a serum. 1-2 drops are then enough. For better penetration, spray a hydrosol on the skin beforehand.


*This oil is also perfect for the body.


Thanks to the small quantity required during application, this oil can be used for many months.

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