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€ 12.40

1600 ml vegetable press

Reference : 8713576278330

Category : FOOD

Brand : Terra Sana


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Product details

This vegetable press (or lactofermented vegetable pot) is suitable for preparing fermented vegetables and condiments. The system is inspired by the old-fashioned making of sauerkraut. The cabbages then marinated in barrels covered with stones acting as a press. Equipped with an adjustable press disc, the lacto-fermented vegetable pot works in the same way.


This type of preparation has the advantage of transforming the naturally present sugars into mild acids, excellent for the intestinal flora and the immune system. Vegetables are generally edible for a good week following the start of fermentation. Delicious after 1 or 2 days. It is not necessary to eat large quantities to benefit from the enzymatic effect. One tablespoon is enough. It is possible to heat them but cooking them is of no interest.

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