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A fun & original infusion for (too) gourmands.

Reference : 0000000003711

Category : FOOD

Brand : Les Millefeuilles


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All plants were harvested by hand from wild locations or the garden. Each harvest is carried out consciously, respecting the rhythms of nature and ensuring that only what is necessary is taken. Everything is carefully dried, pruned and packaged in reusable cardboard pots. The plants are left whole in order to retain all their vitality.


Fragrant verbena mixed with the original note of agastache offers a beautiful blend of flavors. A herbal tea mainly for small excesses with well-known plants to support digestion, notably yarrow and verbena.


Ingredients :
Agastache, lemon verbena, yarrow, hazelnut, calendula


Directions for use:
Take a small handful of plants, crumble them slightly and ideally put them in a cup fitted with a filter (tea maker), pour water at 85°-90° over them, cover well and leave to infuse 5 to 10 minutes depending on your preferences. Drink one to three cups per day. Suitable for children.

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