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Organic peppermint hydrosol is a true infusion of freshness for the skin and body. Used internally, it provides a natural solution to digestive disorders and soothes colic, burns, reflux and sensitive intestines. In cosmetics, it purifies the skin, tightens pores, refreshes overheated areas and reveals the radiance of the complexion.

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Type : BIO


Brand : Bioflore


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Product details

Organic peppermint hydrosol is famous for its digestive action. Internally, it soothes colic, burning, reflux and sensitive intestines. Depurative and antifermentative. In association with Roman chamomile hydrosol for parasitic infections. A mixture of equal parts water and hydrosol can be consumed in small occasional doses against travel sickness. In association with clary sage hydrosol against hot flashes (equal parts internally). Can be used as an energy drink, appreciated by students and people overworked in their work: it stimulates the mind while soothing the nervous system. Warning: peppermint hydrosol seems to potentiate the action of alcohol and energizing plants.


Facial lotion for tired, stressed skin. Healing. Soothes skin damaged by the sun. Similar to essential oil, it refreshes both literally and figuratively. One of the most pleasant ways to use it is to connect a misting pump to the bottle: direct the mist towards the face damaged by the sun, towards the legs weighed down by the heat, towards the armpits, etc.
When making your own cosmetics, the soothing and refreshing action of this hydrosol will be suitable for hair lotions, after-shave fluids, etc.


Internal use: 1 to 2 tablespoons in 1 liter of water.

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