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With its honeyed scent, Roman Chamomile hydrosol is one of the most versatile. To be used for sensitive, irritated or allergic skin, or skin prone to imperfections. Ideal in homemade makeup removers, it calms tired eyes. It naturally accompanies the washing of babies and soothes the redness of the diaper area. Its floral scent refocuses and relaxes.

Reference : 5425038831276

Type : BIO


Brand : Bioflore


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Product details

  • An essential ingredient in homemade wet wipes.
  • Diluted, massaged onto the gums when teeth grow.
  • Breastfeeding woman: nipple care and crack prevention.
  • As a tonic lotion: to use for sensitive skin. Ideal for all skin problems, before applying a restorative oil or cream. Indications: irritations, imperfections, redness. Soothes burns.
  • An excellent makeup remover. Quite astringent due to its acidic pH. Do not use for too long on very dry skin.
  • In compresses: soothes sensitive eyes, in addition to or alternating with cornflower hydrosol.
  • Unstoppable ingredient in sitz baths and all applications on mucous membranes in general to soothe irritations.
  • A mixture of hydrosol and water can be thickened with xanthan gum to prepare a gastric dressing which can serve as an excipient for very strong EOs.
  • When misted in the air: nervous tension, depression, insomnia. Mix with lemon balm EO if you need to remain attentive, for example while driving a car.

Internal use: 1 to 2 tablespoons in 1 liter of water

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