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Firming and anti-wrinkle, it is specifically suitable for dry to mature skin! It helps to soften the skin thanks to the presence of gamma-linolenic acids.

Reference : 5425038836561

Type : BIO

Category : COSMETICS

Brand : Bioflore


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Product details

Ingredients : Borrago officinalis, 0.2% Tocopherol, 0.2% Helianthus annuus seed oil


Food grade


Virgin borage vegetable oil from first cold pressing, from organic farming: Certisys-Be control.


Origin : China, United Kingdom, Canada.


Part used : Seeds


In terms of cosmetics, suffering skin particularly appreciates it for its soothing side; the presence of gamma-linolenic acid makes it very softening.


Its properties are close to those of evening primrose and rosehip oils. Firming and anti-wrinkle, it is specifically suitable for dry and very delicate, even allergic, skin.


We use it pure in massage, we add it to anti-aging treatments, creams, serums.

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