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Dvd's conference "The art of eating according to oriental wisdom and our traditions" - José Escarmelle. FR

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1. Use of essential oils
The plant kingdom offers us plants with aromas, essences, tastes and raw materials that are so subtle and varied!
Both Western and Eastern wisdom have approached, experimented with, selected, used and advised medicinal plants.
What are the dispersing, concentrating, antiseptic, relaxing, relaxing, healing, stimulating plants…?
How and in what circumstances to use essential oils internally or by massage? Essential precautions.

2. Personality and diseases Water-Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal
Eastern wisdom has understood and explained nature and life for millennia, through the law of the five transformations of energy, also called the law of Thao.
Wood lights the fire, so wood creates fire.
Fire leaves ashes, so fire generates earth.
The molten earth leaves mineral salts, so the earth generates the metal.
The molten metal becomes liquid, so the metal generates water.
Water allows the tree to grow, so water generates wood.
What are the organs, diseases, tastes, mental and psychological traits of this or that element in ourselves?
In nature, what are the seasons, cereals, vegetables, fruits, plants, etc. specific to each element?
If I have a “fire” child, I will not approach him in the same way as a “water” child.


3. The chakras and the good health of our thoughts
Our body is made up of rivers of energy. The meridians intersect and feed into seven important energy nodes: the chakras.
Each chakra releases a very colorful energy which nourishes the organs of our body, and thus, specific emotions and feelings.
What colors can I use, on me or around me, to better enliven a deficient chakra?
We are, through the richness of our energies, transmitters and receivers of waves, thoughts, vibrations…
So, we are the creators of our little world. How to make it harmonious and symphonic?


José Escarmelle trained in philosophy, theology, sociology and sociocultural animation. Faced with the health problems of one of his children, he undertook research and training in different alternative medicinal approaches including:
Oriental diagnosis, yin yang dietary balance according to illnesses and seasons, phyto-aromatherapy and eumetabolic medicine supplements.

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