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Dvd's conference "The art of eating according to oriental wisdom and our traditions" - José Escarmelle - FR

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1. Allergies - weak areas
We must learn that illness does not fall from the sky!
Some diseases are caused by yin dietary excesses, others by yang excesses, and still others by acidic or basic excesses.
So how can we readjust our diet according to a particular illness?
Repeated illness is the signature of our weakness; it can become chronic and lasting.
Once this experiment has been completed, how can relapses be avoided in the future?
We will delve deeper into pulmonary and digestive disturbances, skin reactions and the foods that are likely to cause them and prevent healing.


2. Sugars and weight gain
Like a child to grow, we need warm sweetness, soothing security, exciting stimulation, expressive creations and optimistic encouragement.
These basic needs are met by a balanced diet. Unfortunately, they are too often satisfied by excessive food. For example, the need for sweetness provided by slow sugars is too often compensated by the excessive intake of fast sugars, the primary drug of our children today.
This accumulation of poorly met needs causes obesity, overweight, diabetes, kidney failure, etc.
Where can we find daily foods that guarantee our supply of slow sugars?
What foods help us eliminate fatty acids?
What essential oils can be used internally and by massage to eliminate cellulite?


3. The conception and growth of our children
Giving life... Isn't that the most beautiful of mysteries?
Before conception and during “baby” gestation, we were already conditioned:
We were built by the constitution of our parents. Mom shaped “baby” by the quality of her blood and therefore, of course, by the quality of her diet and her emotions.
A good reading of our face allows us to decode and understand what our health capital is at birth, what are the strengths and weaknesses of our nervous, digestive, pulmonary, circulatory, cardiac, renal, reproductive systems, etc.
After birth, the mother completes the health of her toddler through the quality of her milk!
What are the optimal diets during the different phases of conception, maternity and breastfeeding?
After breastfeeding, what is the best choice for your child?


José Escarmelle trained in philosophy, theology, sociology and sociocultural animation. Faced with the health problems of one of his children, he undertook research and training in different alternative medicinal approaches including:
Oriental diagnosis, yin yang dietary balance according to illnesses and seasons, phyto-aromatherapy and eumetabolic medicine supplements.

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