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An ultrasonic diffuser for complete and refined essential oil diffusion pleasure. The diffuser is easy to use and clean and is effective for any diffusion in the family or office.

Reference : 5425038837094


Brand : Bioflore


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Product details

The Bioflore ultrasonic diffuser, for complete and refined pleasure:

  • cold and noiseless nebulization of essential oils,
  • ionization, humidification
  • purity of form
  • the nobility of glass
  • a succession of discreet colors, filtered by the translucent glass



5 to 20 drops of essential oil are poured into the reservoir of the device, which has been filled with running water or mineral water. Do not use distilled or purified water. The ultrasonic vibration generates an aromatic and ionizing mist, produced without noise or heat. This device is therefore an essential oil diffuser (its power depends on the number of drops of EO that you add to the water), an ionizer and a humidifier - it is optimal for purifying the ambient air and create a climate conducive to relaxation.


How to use


press once: the broadcast begins and the colors scroll
press a second time: to set the color of your choice
press a third time: to diffuse without ambient light
press a fourth time: to turn off the diffuser
The tank walls are quite high, which contributes to the excellent stability of the glass globe. The latter can be removed and replaced very simply. No complicated movements and no risk of breakage. The aromatic perception will be optimal for a surface area of 30 m2. When the water level in the tank is insufficient, the diffuser stops automatically.


Diameter of the glass globe: 14 cm.
Diffuser weight: 560 grams.

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