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Wooden Capi-diffuser naturally diffuses essential oils without heating or electricity and without denaturing the aromatic compounds. Discreet and elegant, it is ideal for perfuming a small room, a bedroom, an office.

Reference : 5425038836059


Brand : Bioflore


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Product details

Capi-diffuser is a small wooden capillary diffuser which simply and naturally diffuses the aromas of essential oils and allows you to benefit from their benefits.


Place the wooden stick in the bottle of the essential oil of your choice or a synergy of essential oils then slide it into the beech wood base. The stick and the tree soak up and fully release the scents of your favorite essential oil! A slow and gentle diffusion to delicately perfume small rooms or the office.


Suitable for small rooms.


Base height: 7 cm


Suitable for a 10 ml bottle

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